Allergy advice

All bakes may contain: gluten, wheat, nuts, seeds, dairy, soy, eggs, fruit or gelatine (unless discussed prior to ordering)

Your bakes will be at their very best today or tomorrow. They should be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight (unless they contain cream cheese, fresh fruit, fresh cream etc – then they should be stored in the fridge).

Please remove any non edible items before consuming such as cocktail sticks, wooden dowels or any other non edible items

Transport your cake on a flat surface such as the footwell on in the boot – NOT on your lap. Carry your cake with both hands underneath – not by the sides.

During the summer, buttercream celebration cakes may need to be kept in the fridge


Customer takes full responsibility once cake is collected/delivered.

A £10 Non refundable deposit is required upon booking to secure your date.

By purchasing from Elles Bakes you agree to the T & C’s and have read the advice

Please tag us in your photos and leave a review but most of all enjoy your bakes!